A song I wrote in 2008 which was an election year.

Election Year

D – C – G on refrain
C – D on verses

It’s an election year
and the Devil has come to play
Frustration and fear
if you cannot have your way
and your God can’t have a say

It makes me feel like dyin’
when my life is on the line
Will happiness increase
with your formula for peace?
Will the battles ever cease?


First I tell ya, then you tell me
how it oughtta be
in good old Washington, D.C.
Democracy? No anarchy!
Save the babies? No, “Save me!”


I’m on the road, don’t spit on me
I’m trying to do this peacefully
Now I see the cold mentality
of radical new weaponry
that’ll never set us free


© 2008 Richard Schletty