Richard Schletty biography

I am a voiceover artist and performing songwriter who lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. I’m an experienced cantor, songleader and choral singer, singing at Masses, funerals and weddings. I also lead prayer-song at pro-life prayer services for in front of Planned Parenthood.

I have sung with Waltham Abbey Singers, a Renaissance-Baroque choir which performed sacred music a cappella. Director: Brian Link.

I’m striving to improve the form and content of his songwriting and the resonance of his solo public performances of Folk-Rock and Praise music.

I have done many internet collaborations via email, music sharing web sites. My favored programs for digital recording, sequencing and mixing is Apple Logic Pro X.

My college buddies and I from St. John’s U in Collegeville, MN, formed a band in the 1970s called Rocka-Rolla. Over the years we got together once or twice every three years to perform early rock classics.

I am owner and admin of and