An epic song called “The Joy of Grace” has been entered into the InspireSong 2016 song contest. The underlying instrumental soundtrack came to David Gómez Sanz on the Feast of the Assumption in 2007. A few days later, Richard penned the lyrics and sang the first demo of the song. Since then, Alberto Ayuso Domingo, David’s colleague at Four Hands Project, helped to revise and remaster the soundtrack. Richard did further tweaking of the vocals.

Wish us luck! Contest details here:

Hungry For Heaven

“The Joy of Grace” has been positioned as the 5th of 10 movements for our collaborative project called “Hungry For Heaven” –

The song speaks of our struggles with faith, hope, love and vision – and how grace can lift us from darkness.

The Joy of Grace
5th Movement, Hungry for Heaven

Hurling down an asphalt slipstream
You take to the road in your dream machine
You don’t obey the signs, you don’t look both ways
You are a traveler out of phase

In the cradle of a grand creation
under the arch of a wondrous vault
You begin to read the cracks and the ripples
You begin to know what seasons the salt

We are the members of His body
We are the architects for love
We are the laborers for justice
We are disciples of the truth

We are cooled in the shade of the tree of life,
drawing from the well,
connecting with our prayers,
Freed by the cross,
Reaching toward the sky!

My Lord, rain your grace on me
Oh, my Lord, rain your grace on me

Write your songs in the desert
Dream your visions in streams running clear
Run the viridian shoreline
Harvest the teeming forest

My Lord, rain your grace on me
Oh, my Lord, rain your grace on me

Praise the God of all souls
Praise the Lord of the Way
Praise the Healer of woes
Praise the Hope of the world

Hear the unborn babies wailing
Fear the judgment of your friends
Hear the rattle of broken vows
Fear the shadows of vanity

What will bring us through? It is grace!
Know the joy of grace!

My Lord, rain your grace on me
Oh, my Lord, rain your grace on me

Music (c)2007 David Gómez Sanz and Alberto Ayuso Domingo
Lyrics and vocals: (c)2007 Richard Cecil Schletty

There is still a lot of work to do on the Hungry For Heaven album. Our aim is to create a stage production or music video. Many of the original soundtracks have been re-recorded and remastered by David Gómez Sanz and Alberto Ayuso Domingo of Four Hands Project.

It is up to me, Richard Schletty, to come up with a storyline and final lyrics that all work together. I am looking for vocalists – especially tenors, sopranos and altos – who are willing to contribute their voices via virtual collaboration. I will be preparing vocal scores with speaking parts, recitative parts and SATB sung parts.

Contact me if you are interested in helping. Thank you.